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key features

  • Available in 5” or 4” profile
  • Hollow Luminaire
  • Machined Aluminum End Caps
  • Separate controls for direct and indirect lighting options

About Product

 The titan god of heavenly light. Since the time before time, Hyperion has represented wisdom, watchfulness, and light. Hyperion’s power and beauty are now at your disposal with Artience Lighting’s striking new fixture. Crafted with bold angles from extruded aluminum, precision machined parts, and premium components, the Hyperion is sure to enhance and elevate any design. The Hyperion offers separate switching for the direct and indirect lighting, as well as multiple customizable lumen packages and color temperatures. The Hyperion is available in either a 5” or 4” profile

lighting Options

  • Osram Inside
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • 80 CRI, 90 CRI

Mounting Options

  • Cable Suspended


  • 5” or 4” Profile
  • Custom Finish Options
  • xylό option Wood End Caps
  • Customizable Lumen Packages