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xýlo (see-low)

Artience Lighting extends the beauty of nature indoors with xýlo. Wood has a beauty and a warmth that elevates our fixtures while at the same time affecting positive changes within a space. Whether it is the sound dampening effect of wood, the calming effect that it can have on humans, or just the sheer beauty of exotic woods handcrafted into works of linear-lighting art, xýlo will give you countless options to meet your design needs.

Let’s Dream Together

There is no wrong way to add xýlo to an Artience Lighting luminaire. Imagine the beauty of teak endcaps accented with polished aluminum trim. How amazing might birdseye maple look as an accent piece when paired with an anodized red Aegle? Or, substituting the wood grain altogether for a high-gloss finish of bright color for a mid-century modern flair? If you have a custom idea for xýlo, contact the factory and let us dream with you.