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Lighting the Way: Start up lighting manufacturer in Oceanside launches germicidal line of stylish fixtures

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. Jan. 24, 2022 – Artience Lighting, an Oceanside start-up lighting manufacturer, is celebrating their recent one-year anniversary by launching their unique line of UVC germicidal lighting fixtures, PULS, the Prometheus UVC Lighting System.

Both the company, and the new product line, began with a vision from former teacher, Jason Ventetuolo, who at the onset of the pandemic had the idea for the product as a way to bring students back to class.

“Early on in the pandemic, when I heard students might not be able to come back to school, and saw the distress and panic in my colleagues, I immediately shifted my thinking to how we could bring them back safely,” said Ventetuolo.  Prior to becoming an elementary school teacher, Ventetuolo was a lighting executive, which inspired his thinking to bring classroom safety and lighting together.

“As I began my research, I learned that ultra violet C, or UVC, was already in use in the lighting industry in HVAC, water purification, and healthcare facilities. However, all of the products were downright scary-looking; nothing you would want in a classroom.” This is when the idea of science meeting beauty began – a germicidal UVC light that also emits high-design. “The vision was to bring art, beauty, and design to a space while providing the necessary germicidal benefits of UVC, something no one else in the lighting manufacturing space is doing,” remarked Ventetuolo.

By working together with another lighting industry veteran, and Marine Corps veteran, Marcus Bolen, Artience Lighting was born. “Our goal is to bring together the beauty of artful design, with the power of science,” said Bolen. As a former top gun helicopter pilot, Bolen brings a natural affinity to help people, and as the pandemic began to rage he was ready to tap into their collective lighting experience to bring Artience Lighting to life. “By simply replacing the lighting in a space, you can single-handedly create a safer & healthier environment, something we all need right now,” said Bolen.

Celebrating their one-year anniversary in September 2021, Artience Lighting is launching PULS, Prometheus UVC Lighting System, light disinfection line as an ideal instrument in the battle against pathogens.

What is UVC?

UVC is a specific band of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye, that penetrates the surface of bacteria, viruses, and microbes where it is then absorbed by the nucleic acids and proteins inside the RNA and DNA.

Why is UVC effective for disinfection?

Once absorbed, the UVC destroys genetic information in the pathogens which inhibits the ability to reproduce, resulting in the pathogens becoming inactive and harmless. UVC has the benefits of being chemical-free and does not contribute to the creation of antimicrobial super bugs.

About the PULS Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

The Upper-Room Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is a passive system, that offers continuous disinfection while a room is occupied, silently disinfecting the air. This technology is embedded into the distinctly modern and sleek design aesthetic of Artience Lighting fixtures, offering an unparalleled luminaire.

For more details on the PULS lighting line, click here for the flipbook.

 With a complete line of modern, commercial light fixtures, Artience Lighting co-founders are excited to expand their offering with the new PULS line, to create a beautiful and innovative tool in the fight against viruses and pathogens. “Bringing these lights to a space not only improves how we feel in the space, but can create safer environment,” remarked Ventetuolo. “This is the beauty of science.

Jason Ventetuolo